Remember the time my mom tried to give me a sewing lesson and wound up making me four brand new chair cushions, all by herself?

Well, I’ve been practicing — all straight line sewing, of course. And here’s one of the novice sewing projects I’ve completed.

Easy Sew American Flag Pillow

This American flag pillow is an easy sewing project for sure; if I can make it, then anyone can.

All you need is some muslin fabric, an 8X12-inch American flag, a pillow form, sewing machine or needle & thread. A drop cloth would also work well, or really any fabric you like.

I wanted my pillow to have vintage look — like something you might see in a Ralph Lauren ad — so I started out by removing the flag from the dowel and tea-staining it.

Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags Centerpiece

I used the same method to age it as I did for my vintage-style tea-stained American flags. (Click over for the full tutorial.)

Once the flag was stained and dried, I sewed it to a square of muslin fabric, sized an inch larger than my pillow form to allow for seams.

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I sewed as close to the edge as possible, and I opted to use an ivory thread, but you could also use red or blue. It doesn’t bother me that my stitching shows. I think it adds to the vintage look of the pillow.

Once I attached the flag to the muslim, I added a back and sewed on three sides, inserted a pillow form and finished the open side by hand. Basic pillow construction.

Easy Sew American Flag Pillow

Since making my pillow, I have noticed a bit of fraying around the edges of my flag. I didn’t anticipate this, but it’s a problem easily remedied by sealing the edges of the flag with fray check or clear fingernail polish BEFORE sewing it to the front of your pillow.

Patriotic Fourth of July Party Ideas, Recipes and Decorations

After my first pillow-making success, I’ve gone a little pillow crazy, especially on our patriotic front porch.

I made one from a flag print burlap from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Patriotic Fourth of July Party Ideas, Recipes and Decorations

I also picked up some stars-and-stripes fabric at Jo-Ann to make a little accent pillow to go on my wrought iron bench.

Who knew sewing could be so much fun?

If you want to make your own easy-sew, DIY American flag pillow, don’t forget to pin it!

Easy Sew American Flag Pillow

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  1. Looks great, Amy! I have never done patriotic decorating, but all the ideas everyone has are so great, I might just try it!

  2. You did great! I know your mom is proud! Now give her back her sewing machine (after you help me with the cording for my window treatments, that is!)

  3. There is nothing more fun than sewing Decor for Your Home! I love the pillows, and that cute chair with the stars! Thanks for sharing

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