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The last time you dropped by, the back porch was looking pretty dicey. Junky and dirty, too!

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

But the makeover of our outdoor space is progressing quite nicely. We have a pretty and comfortable place to read and drink wine. And I have one person to thank for that.

My mom.

The woman used to curl my hair every morning before school and who always encourages me to go blonder.

The woman who has provided nearly eight years of free babysitting, and who even drives 45 minutes each way to do it.

The woman who gives me all of her best antique treasures when I’m shameless enough to ask for them.

The woman who gives me her opinion and advice, whether I ask for it or not.

The woman who has dried my tears and been my cheerleader and defender more times than I could ever count.

The woman who once drove four hours to see me on Thanksgiving day, cooked a meal and refinished a huge piece of furniture for me.

The woman who never taught me to sew — until now.

Back Porch Makeover Inspiration

You see, I had this idea to make custom outdoor chair cushions for my new patio set using a fun, fresh navy-and-white floral fabric from Premier Prints. But I’m strictly a no-sew gal.

But I don’t let little details like that get in the way of my design dreams.

I played the kid card and asked my mom to “help me” sew new covers for some ready-made outdoor chair cushions I picked up at World Market.

It should be easy,” I told her.

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

And it’s true, this is an easy-sew project. If you can sew. Like my mom.

Unlike me.

But my skills are improving.

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

We started with a stack of four plain ivory chair cushions and set about deconstructing them to make our pattern.

I chose this beautiful Premier Prints Outdoor Twirly Deep Blue fabric from OnlineFabricStore to complement the aqua blue patio chairs and table.

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

To make the new cushions, we used the old ones as our pattern…

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

…and used a rotary cutter to out the shapes. No need to leave a seam allowance, as that was already built into the pattern.

Now, in my dreams, this is the part where I tell you how I stitched up four chair cushions under my mom’s guidance, lickety split.

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

And because she’s my mom, she wouldn’t say a word. She would let me take credit.

But I’m not going to do that.

I tried my hand at sewing these cushions, I really did. But my sewing skills are best left to straight lines (although I’m not very good at that either).

I stitched up one side of one cushion, but we had to rip out all those seams out because I could not hold the line. Talk about blurred lines! Sewing is harder than it looks!

So, my mom took over at the machine while I cut and ironed and chatted away. I’m good at providing commentary while letting others do the hard work. (Just ask my pal, Suzy, who sewed the gorgeous cornice for my craft room while I talked her ear off!)

DiY Outdoor Chair Cushions: Easy Sew Project

I’m not a total lost cause in the sewing department. I hand sewed the cushions closed.

And my mom gave me some pointers and left her machine so I could practice.

I’ve already made three pillows (for the front porch!) and I’m planning to make some coordinating pillows for the back porch, too. I’m pretty sure I can manage that on my own.

But if I can’t, I know who to call…



  1. perhaps you should put down the wine glass when sewing your edges! Just sayin

  2. Amy, I had to get someone to make my potting bench skirt because I don’t have a machine. I tried sewing on a machine years ago but just didn’t get the hang of it. Probably because my mom always made everything for me when I asked! Hehe!

  3. These turned out just darling!! And I’m sooooo like you…I don’t sew, but my mama sure does, too! :) Loving your pretty outdoor space! So inviting.

  4. Love them! Your Mom is pretty awesome! My Mama is a pro at sewing too!

  5. My mom made sure both my sister and I could sew before we left home. I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like, but I can when I get the chance! Love your fabric choice!

  6. You had me at “blurred lines”, lol. Love the new cushions. I can’t sew either. Many years ago I wiped up things using a sewing machine but not anymore. I would rather work with a paint brush!

  7. Sewing for your home is always a fun project. I’ve made slipcovers, pillows and covered many a chair seat. Your cushions turned out wonderful! Now you can make a matching table runner or placemat …baby steps! LOL

  8. I sew, but always procrastinate doing upholstery/window treatments – even though I have a lot that need doing. These are reminding me to find some cute fabrics yours to get me in the mood.

  9. I need to make 10 seat cushions, because I have been pricing them and they are sooooo expensive! What cute cushions! You have inspired me!

  10. Love this! Mind sharing where those gorgeous chairs came from?

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