When I was pulling together our Memorial Day patriotic picnic on the front porch, I wanted to add a vintage vibe to our table.

Patriotic Fourth of July Party Ideas, Recipes and Decorations

I would have loved to have found some vintage American flags to use for our centerpiece.

Vintage Tea Stained American Flags

But since I couldn’t find the real deal, I decided to make my own, using inexpensive flags purchased from the craft store.

Just call me Betsy Ross!


I wanted my flags to look like they were antiques. So I used one of my favorite antiquing methods to add some years to the brand-new, brightly colored flags.

Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags Centerpiece

I brewed up a strong pot of tea and gave the flags a good soak…

Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags Centerpiece

Until they had a lovely yellowish cast, like you see on older textiles and linens.

After their tea bath, I rinsed the flags with cold water and let them air dry.

Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags Centerpiece

Then, I placed them in a patriotic tin on my tabletop.

If you’re going to do this craft yourself, make sure you buy cloth flags.

I also prefer the ones with wooden flag poles, instead of plastic ones. It makes them look more authentic. You could also stain the wooden flag poles or add antiquing wax to them. I didn’t do this because the poles weren’t visible in my display.

Be sure to stop back by next week when I’ll be sharing another craft using these tea-stained American flags.

If you want to make your own tea-stained flags for July 4th, be sure to pin the image below for the step-by-step tutorial.

Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags Centerpiece

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  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful porch, love the long hanging flag, did you make it? if so please share. Thanks

    • Atta Girl Amy

      Thank you Deborah. I actually did not make that crepe paper flag. I bought it several years ago at an antique store for $3. It was quite the find. It’s a bit fragile, but I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll stop by again.

  2. Your patriotic table is just AMAZING! As a matter of fact my friend every one of your ideas inspires~ xo

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