Better steer clear of Hershel’s barn.

Jackson's Playhouse of Horror's Halloween Decor at Atta Girl Says

You never know what you might find inside.

Walking Dead Hershel's Barn

Run! Walkers!!!!!!!!

Greensboro Zombie Run

Oh no, looks like they’ve turned another one.

Greensboro Zombie Run

Where’s Shane with his shaved head and questionable sense of morality when you need him?

'Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershel's Barn Made out of a Pallet

Forget sheriff’s deputies turned mad. I’ve got you covered in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

In celebration of last night’s premiere of Season 4 of The Walking Dead (thanks Suzy and Kristen for making me zombie-obsessed!), I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to make your own Walking Dead Halloween decorations. In this case, a version of Hershel’s Barn, guaranteed to keep zombies in (or out), at least for a little while. (You may remember seeing this as part of my Halloween home tour.)

And I promise, no spoilers about last night’s episode because as I’m writing this, it hasn’t aired yet. But soon, very soon. And I’m way more excited than I should be about a TV show about zombies!

Anyhoo, back to the tutorial before a herd shows up.

'Walking Dead Inspired Hershel's Barn Halloween Decorations

This project really is easy as can be.

Just find yourself an old pallet and some blood-red paint. Go wild slinging paint and go ahead and add some bloody handprints, too.

Jackson's Playhouse of Horror's Halloween Decor at Atta Girl Says

Get yourself some zombie masks and severed hands from the Dollar Tree and stick them in the pallet, so they look like the zombies are trying to escape.

Jackson's Playhouse of Horror's Halloween Decor at Atta Girl Says

Paint “Keep Out” or some equally ominous warning on another piece of wood and nail it to the pallet. Smear a little extra blood paint on the sign for good measure.

Wrap a heavy chain around the pallet and secure it with a lock.

Jackson's Playhouse of Horror's Halloween Decor at Atta Girl Says

We put our version of Hershel’s barn up outside Jackson’s Playhouse of Horrors, but you could also hang it on a wall or anywhere else you have a zombie problem.

'Walking Dead Inspired Hershel's Barn Halloween Decorations

I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to keep out roller derby zombies, like these we saw last year at the Greensboro Zombie Run. But it’s worth a shot.

If Zombies and The Walking Dead are a little too much for you, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. And I promise it will be pretty, not gory, as I participate in the Fall Porch Decor showcase with 24 other bloggers. The event kicked off today.

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5)  Major Hoff Takes a Wife


Thursday, Oct 17th 


1) Vignette Designs

2)  Cupcakes and Crinolines

3)  Debbiedoo’s

4)  Just Us Four

5)  Circa 1929


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1)  Backporch Musings

2)  Mrs. Hines Class

3)  Plum Doodles

4)   Just Paint It

5)  Stone Gable

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