Or maybe I should call it the “You’ll Put Your Eye Out” wreath.

antlers in evergreen Christmas wreath by AttaGilrSays.com

Because I’m afraid that’s what might happened if some tall person knocks on my door.

Especially if that tall person is absent minded. Or far sighted.

One run-in with my wreath and they’ll be no-sighted.

But I’m leaving the wreath up until the first person puts their eye out. Because I think it’s pretty. And natural. And woodsy.

I won’t be the one who puts my eye out. I’m not tall enough. Which is probably why I didn’t realize someone could put their eye out when I was hanging it.

The basic evergreen wreath was a gift and while it was pretty enough, I wanted to “blogger it up.” I mean, what kind of blogger would I be if I hung a simple, unembellished wreath on my front door?

So, I wired on a set of antlers — a gift from my mom’s neighbor — and finished it off with a simple bow made from jute webbing. (The best bargain ever at $3 a roll at Walmart.)

The wreath is just one of the projects I finished this weekend during a whirlwind Christmas decorating spree.

Jackson and his advent presents decorated Christmas tree

Here’s a peek at our decorated tree and my son with his haul of advent presents from his Nana. More holiday decorating shots to come later this week — I hope.

My plans to start decorating last weekend were thwarted by a nasty, nasty sinus infection, from which I’m still recovering.

So, instead of getting an early start on decorating as I’d planned, I’m racing down to the wire to get everything done before my extended family descends on our house next Saturday.

The living room is done, and it’s even been de-glittered. But the porch still needs some work. Ditto for the dining room and our family room.

All the decorating will get done. But it might not all get done before this weekend.

And I’m going to be OK with that. Because better late than never…


  1. The wreath looks great! And I love that jute ribbon bow! …beautiful tree!

    Can’t wait to see more of your decorations! Hope the sinus infection is much better!
    Rhonda ~Ramblings of a Southern Girl recently posted..Vintage Christmas at "Nest"My Profile

  2. I will be there….because that is my mantra.

    Or….a day late and a dollar short :)

    Love your wreath.

    Have a great day rock star!
    Thistle recently posted..2012 Holiday HousewalkMy Profile

  3. Ha! I will be the one to put my eye out! Seriously – I love the wreath and I am majorly jealous over the antlers! Looking forward to our party1
    Suzy recently posted..Better Late Than Never Christmas Inspirations BloghopMy Profile

  4. Terrific!
    I first saw the antler/wreath motif ’bout 10 years ago in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC; 6 of them, 1 each, wrapped around the gothic piers.
    The (white) stag, and later bleached out stag antlers, are ancient 1st-century pagan symbols associated with winter solstice, renewal, fertility, gold, and longer daylight days to come. St. Eustace, incorporated these symbols. Eustace began a pagan, then converted, and then was martyred for his ideals. While hunting Eustace’s conversion is foretold by a vision of a glowing crucified Christ between the stag’s antlers he was to kill. I write more at SweetWilliamNow / Eustace. BTW: Eustace is saintly no more.
    My Compliments of the Season to you!
    Bill Collins
    Bill Collins recently posted..Magpies BakeryMy Profile


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