Sometimes you just need a pop of color. I picked up this folding side table at a yard sale for $5. Pretty good price for outdoor patio furniture, even secondhand. And I’m sure some wood purist is going to cringe and ask, “How could you paint over that natural wood?” And I’ve got an answer. Several, […]

We seem to be doing things out of season around here. It’s almost the end of summer, and we’re finally breaking ground on our new backyard patio and pergola. In the front of the house, I’m working on giving the front porch a new look. But it actually makes perfect sense to be working on […]

I am the queen of $5 tables. Scuffed up old tables that look like they belonged to someone’s grandma are among my favorite things to buy at yard sales. Since they’re usually in such rough shape, the other shoppers rarely give them a second glance. And the owners just want to get rid of them. […]

I love the look of antique maritme blueprints, and if I ever achieve my dream of a seaside cottage vacation home, I’ll surely decorate it will vintage nautical decor. Today’s project, which I first shared on the DecoArt blog, brings that look to a seen-better-days yard sale dresser. Thanks to a little paint, chalk, inspiration […]

Have you ever heard of the Furniture Fairy? There’s a legend that if your clothes hamper is overflowing with paint-streaked clothes and your garage is filled “before” projects and you go to bed at night with paint smudges on your elbows and ankles, she will visit and leave you something special. I always thought the […]