How to Decoupage Easter Eggs

Break out the Mod Podge patterned paper, tissue paper or napkins to make  decoupaged Easter eggs.

You don’t have to have any artistic talent to create jaw-droppingly gorgeous decoupage Easter eggs.

How to Decoupage Easter Eggs

  Mod Podge/decoupage glue eggs brush paper for decoupaging


What kind of paper can I use for decoupaging? • scrapbook paper • gift wrap • napkins • tissue paper • sheet music • newsprint • book pages • decoupage paper • photographs • maps

You can decoupage with other things, including  • feathers • lace • fabric • photographs

The decoupage technique works on a variety of eggs — real and faux. • blown-out chicken eggs • ostrich eggs • craft eggs • papier mache eggs • plastic eggs • painted eggs • wooden eggs • ceramic eggs

Prepare* the surface. Depending on the type of surface you’re using, you may need do different things to prepare it: • clean • sand • paint *as necessary

Choose a decoupage glue. Decoupage glue comes in a variety of finishes: • glossy • satin • matte • antique • glitter • outdoor • fabric

Prepare paper/materials. Cut paper or materials to size. You can use larger sheets or strips of paper or cut out parts of the design. If you’re decoupaging with napkins, separate into layers first.

Affix paper to egg. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue onto the egg’s surface. Then add the paper on top, gently smoothing out any air bubbles.

Apply a topcoat. Let the first layer of decoupage glue dry completely before applying a thin topcoat of Mod Podge or decoupage glue onto the paper. Repeat, as necessary

Seal, as needed.  Once decoupaged eggs have dried, seal with an acrylic spray. A sealer adds protection and durability. 

So many beautiful ways to decoupage Easter eggs!

For the full tutorial on how to decoupage Easter eggs, visit the link below.