Conversation Heart Candy Centerpieces

Talk about a conversation starter! Make a candy-covered centerpiece for your Valentine table using conversation hearts.


Learn How to Make One

  Foam cones Conversation heart candies Hot glue Ribbon


Glue candies to cone. Beginning at the bottom, hot glue conversation heart candies to a foam cone.  Alternate the direction of the hearts, so they fit close together and hide most of the cone.

Continue the pattern, working the way up the cone.  On some rows, it may be necessary to cut or break a Valentine candy heart in half to fit the space.

Once the cone is covered with hearts, tie a bow using a coordinating color of grosgrain ribbon and hot glue it to the top.

Use a hair dryer to blow away any hot glue threads.


To preserve the candy cones, coat with Mod Podge or another foam-safe sealer. Some spray sealers will dissolve Stryofoam. Always test first. Store cones in an airtight bag or container.

Such a cute decoration for Valentine's Day! 

For the full  tutorial and more sweet Valentine's Day ideas,  visit the link below.