Printable Vintage Valentine Treat Bags

Fill these printable treat bags with candy, sweets or gifts or use them for party favors. The bags can be printed on a standard sheet of paper.

No need to run to the store for treat bags! Print and fold these at home.

20 different designs, featuring vintage Valentine artwork.

8.5 X 11 printer paper vintage artwork clear tape scoring board  bone folder  pinking shears hole punch  ribbon

Optional Supplies


Print the treat bags on a standard sheet of printer paper. Each design is marked with handy lines that show you exactly where to fold the paper.

To create the bag shape, fold the paper along the outer vertical lines.

Flip the bag over and use tape to secure.  You can use patterned washi tape or clear tape.

Next, fold up the bottom of the bag, following the printed horizontal fold line. Use a bone folder to get a sharp crease.

Open up the bottom section and flatten, folding in the corners.

Fold down the top and fold up the bottom portion of this section until they meet, and secure with tape.

Fold along the inner printed fold lines, to create the sides of the bag.  

Open up the bag, flattening the bottom. Pleat the sides using the creases created in the last step.  Use pinking shears to trim the top of the bag or tape to hold it closed when filled.

You can also fold the top of the bag over, punch two holes and thread ribbon through them to secure.

Fill the bags with candy, sweet nothings or jewelry!

For the printable Vintage Valentine  Bag templates and more detailed instructions, visit the link below.