Mad scientist halloween front porch

Turn your front porch into an evil lab with these budget-friendly mad scientist Halloween decorations using dollar store finds, vintage items and DIY elements. 

A Halloween shower curtain serves as a spooky backdrop. Use a tension curtain rod, command hooks or cup hooks to hang

Use fallen branches or sticks from the yard  as props. Skulls in lanterns increase the fear factor!

Use dried moss or fake spiderwebs to give everything an old, neglected vibe.

Fill flasks and test tubes with colored water.

Use printable labels to make bottles of poison. 

Add vintage items, like an old typewriter. Print out a spooky page to put in the typewriter or type a scary message from beyond.

A black candelabra with red drip candles sets a spooky mood. A microscope, a leather doctor’s bag or other old medical supplies are also good props to use.

You don't have to use real pumpkins. Buy fakes you can use every year.

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