Firecrackers Spicy Saltines

Explosive flavor!  Pair these crunchy, fiery no-bake saltine crackers with your fave dip. Just 5 ingredients.

Seriously easy! Combine saltine crackers with oil & spices in a bag, and turn to coat.

Ingredients & Supplies Saltine crackers Ranch dressing mix chili powder red pepper flakes canola oil 2 gallon-sized bags

Cook's Tip: For best results,  canola oil for this recipe. DON'T substitute another kind of oil, or you may end up with soggy, greasy crackers.

Divide crackers into 2 gallon-size zippered bags. Or use one jumbo-sized bag.

In a small bowl, mix together the canola oil and spices, whisking until blended.

Pour the oil mixture into the bag (or bags) over the saltine crackers. 

Seal and gently shake bags to coat crackers. Rotate every 5 minutes for an hour.

Let the crackers sit in the bags overnight, then serve or store crackers in an airtight container.

Serving suggestions

You can eat spicy saltines like potato chips, right out of the bowl.  For more serving suggestions, tap ahead.

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Serving suggestions

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Grab the printable recipe card for the Spicy Saltines Fire Crackers via the link below.