Southern Style Collard Greens

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Slow simmered collard greens are said to bring good luck and good fortune when eaten on New Year’s Day.

Collards represent folded money and symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Serve them with black eyed peas, pork and cornbread. 

1 pound collard greens 1 onion, sliced root to tip 3 cups chicken broth 3 to 4 slices bacon  salt and pepper, to taste red pepper flakes  vinegar hot sauce

How to make them



Soak fresh collards in a clean sink filled with water. Drain, then soak again, rinsing to remove any remaining sediment.

Next Step

Wash the collard greens


Saute chopped bacon or pork fat and onions.

Add chopped collard greens to the pan and cover with chicken broth.

Season with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes, if desired.

Boil for 3 minutes, then reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 45-60 minutes, until tender.

Serve collards with vinegar and hot sauce. Make sure you get a healthy portion of greens and cooking liquid, aka as pot liquor.


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