Cheap Halloween Decorations

These cheap Halloween decorations from the dollar store still deliver big scares! Learn how to haunt your house on a budget!

Tip 1: Use Plastic Skulls

Plastic skulls come in a variety of sizes. At $1 each, you can afford to buy a lot of them. 

They look great massed in lanterns, vases and baskets.

Stack them on pumpkins with other creepy crawlies to create spooky moments.

Make a scary topiary with $1 foam skulls & pumpkins.

Tip 2: Use Creepy Cloth

The dollar store is the best, cheapest place to buy this spooky fabric.  It comes in black, white and ivory.

Tip 2: Use Creepy Cloth

Drape it on lampshades, windows, doorways, tables and more. It makes everything look old and creepy!

Tip 3: Use Skeletons

You can find lots of different skeletons and skeleton parts at the dollar store -- hands, feet, miniatures, complete skeletons and animal skeletons.

Place them anywhere you want to create a scary vibe

Tip 4: Use Spider Webs

As with creepy cloth, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy artificial spider webbing from the dollar store.

Stretch it across windows and doors, inside and out, as a backdrop for wreaths and clingy creatures.

Tip 5: Use Birds, Rats, Bats & Creepy Crawlies

A bag of rubber rats, bugs or scorpions will set you back $1. But the scares are worth so much more than that.

A flock of bats clustered on the front door is not the kind of greeting most guests would expect.

If a single bird is merely scary, a murder of crows is terrifying.

More Dollar Store Faves

A bag of plastic eyeballs will set you back $1. Use them in jars...

More Dollar Store Faves

In Halloween punch...

More Dollar Store Faves

Or anywhere you need to keep an eye on someone.

More Dollar Store Faves

Plastic hands, feet and masks are fun to use in gory displays and DIYs, like this zombie pallet project .

Get more budget Halloween decorating tips and inspiration at the link below.