Wedgwood Jasperware Style Halloween Pumpkins


These spooky cameo pumpkins, made using polymer clay, are inspired by vintage Wedgwood jasperware.

Halloween Goes Grandmillenial!

You can make a two-tone version with two different colors of polymer clay. 

Or keep things simple with just one color!


silicone molds polymer clay  wax paper rolling pin baking pan  parchment paper toothpicks & plastic spoon cornstarch or baby powder small pumpkins & gourds spray paint & primer hot glue

Step 1

Knead polymer clay until it's soft. Press or roll out into thin sheets.

Step 2

Press small pieces of softened white clay into the mold.

Step 3

Use a toothpick, if necessary, to work into small crevices.

Step 4

Press a flattened piece of blue clay into the mold to complete the design.

Step 5

Turn the mold over and gently press to release the cameo design.

Step 6

Bake clay pieces on a parchment-lined baking sheet, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to cool and harden completely before removing.

Step 7

Prime and paint plastic pumpkins and gourds with spray paint.

Step 8

Hot glue baked cameos onto painted pumpkins and gourds.

Use different molds and spray paint colors to make multiple spooky Halloween designs.

Get the full tutorial, plus a how-to video, for this Halloween craft at the link below.