Love Potion Homemade 💕 Bath Bombs

These heart-shaped homemade bath bombs are scented with jasmine and sandalwood. They're the perfect homemade Valentine’s Day gift.

Drop one of these in the bath for a luxurious soak that will leave your skin moisturized and fragrant.

1 cup baking soda ½ cup citric acid ¼ cup fine Epsom salts ½ Tablespoon jojoba oil 10 drops Love Potion oil  2-4 drops red food coloring witch hazel fine mist spray bottle large bowl mesh strainer silicone heart molds rubber gloves


Mix the dry ingredients. Place a mesh strainer over a large bowl and pour in baking soda, citric acid and Epsom salts.  Sift to remove any lumps or clumps.

If you’re unable to find fine Epsom salts, put regular Epsom salt in a food processor and pulse until fine. Then measure and sift into the other ingredients.

Helpful Tip

Add oils and colorant. Add ½ Tablespoon of jojoba oil and 10 drops of Love Potion essential oil blend to the dry mixture. Add 1-2 drops of food coloring.

You can substitute another essential oil or fragrance oil for the Love Potion oil in this recipe. Click below for more scent ideas and recipes.

Mix well. Wearing gloves, mix oils and food coloring into the dry mixture, until well incorporated. Add 1-2 more drops of food coloring for a more saturated color.

Add witch hazel. Once mixture is blended, slowly add witch hazel, one fine spritz at a time, until the bath bomb mixture sticks together when squeezed.

You’ll need about 8 to 10 spritzes of witch hazel to get the right consistency,  The mixture should not be crumbly or too wet. It should hold its shape when squeezed.

Helpful Tip

Place in molds. Pack the mixture firmly into heart-shaped molds. Press out any gaps or air bubbles.

Allow to harden. Allow the bath bombs to dry and harden overnight.  Gently remove from molds and wrap in plastic or store in an airtight container.

Make sure the dry ingredients are free of any clumps or lumps. 

After adding oils and food coloring, mix well to avoid any clumping.

Bath Bomb Troubleshooting Tips

Don’t add too much liquid or food coloring or the citric acid may start fizzing prematurely.

Don’t add too much witch hazel at once. Add a spritz at a time, then check the consistency. 

Bath Bomb Troubleshooting Tips

Avoid making make bath bombs on a humid day or in a humid room.

Be sure to store bath bombs in a dry place, away from moisture or humidity.

Bath Bomb Troubleshooting Tips

Enjoy. Drop a bath bomb (or two) into the bath and enjoy a luxurious, fragrant soak.

For the full recipe, more tips and a how-to video for homemade bath bombs, visit the link below.