DIY Dollar Tree Spooky Crystal Ball

Spiders, worms & skulls!  The future doesn't look good! Learn how to make these spooky, smoky crystal balls with Dollar Tree Halloween items.



Iron oil warmer Round glass floral bowl Creepy cloth Plastic skeletons Tape Rubber spiders & bugs Super Glue Candle and matches (optional) Oven mitt Wooden clothespins fishing line

Step 1

Use a candle to smoke the interior of the glass bowl. Use an oven mitt to protect your hands.  Avoid overheating the glass.

Step 2

Remove the head from a plastic skeleton.  You can also use a plastic animal skull.   String the head on fishing line, tying to secure.

Step 3

Once the glass bowl has cooled, use tape to hang the skull from the bottom of the bowl.  If there’s soot on the bottom of the bowl, you may have to wipe some of it away to help the tape stick.

Step 4

Apply Super Glue around the edge of the bowl and glue, upside down, to the iron candle warmer. Glue rubber bugs to the base of the oil warmer. Hold in place with a clothespin until set.

Step 5

Decorate the crystal ball with creepy cloth, spiders and bugs, securing with glue.


Get the full tutorial plus more spooky, Dollar Tree Halloween craft & decor ideas via the link the below.