I was born under the sign of Pot Pie.

The astrological charts will tell you I’m a Capricorn. But in my family, we believe in food signs, not star signs.

5-ingredient homemade simple chicken pot pie recipe by AttaGirlSays.com

As in, what did your mama eat before she gave birth to you? Whatever it was, it’s sure to be one of your favorite foods.

So, I’m a Pot Pie, which means I was destined to love the savory goodness of gravy, chicken and vegetables baked in a flaky crust.

My brother, he’s a Fried Shrimp. And he loves those little crustaceans more than Forrest Gump’s friend Bubba.

My son, Jackson, was born under the Waffle sign. (But not at the Waffle House. Nor was he conceived there, in case you were curious.)

So, it’s no wonder that Jackson can’t get enough of the butter-and-syrup-drenched breakfast food.

Back to my sign — Pot Pie.

Back in my 1970s era childhood, pot pie came frozen in cartons from Swanson with little cubes of chicken and equally unnatural cubs of carrots and potatoes and peas (which they couldn’t figure out how to cube).

And back in the day, I loved those. But I have graduated beyond that to homemade chicken pot pie. Which really is easy to make. And cooks faster than those frozen pot pies.


All you need are five ingredients to make this easy chicken pot pie recipe.

easy chicken pot pie recipe 5 simple ingredients by AttaGirlSays.com

  1. 1 package of refrigerated pie crust
  2. 1 can cream of celery soup
  3. 1 package mixed vegetables
  4. chicken broth
  5. cooked chicken

You can use leftover chicken for this recipe or boil 2 to 3 chicken breasts until cooked through. Cool, then chop or shred chicken.

Whisk together cream of celery soup and chicken broth in a sauce pan over medium heat. I never measure, but you’ll probably need a 1/2 can or a can of broth. Just mix until the gravy is the desired consistency. Add a half bag (or more, to taste) of mixed vegetables to soup mixture. You may need to add more broth, especially if you like a creamy pot pie like I do.)

Cook until heated through. Stir in chicken. Season with salt and pepper, if desired.

Press one pie crust into a glass pie pan. Trim the edges. Randomly pierce the bottom of the crust with a fork.

easy delicious vegetable chicken pot pie recipe from AttaGirlSays.com

Pour filling into pie crust. Top with remaining crust, sealing and trimming the edges, as necessary. Cut slits in pie crust to let steam escape.

quick and easy chicken pot pie recipe from AttaGirlSays.com

Bake at 350 degrees until the crust is brown, about 30 minutes.

5-ingredient homemade chicken pot pie recipe by AttaGirlSays.com

Grab a fork. Particularly if you’re 9 months pregnant. Your future child will thank you.

5-Ingredient Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Now, I’m not claiming that this chicken pot pie is a food that will induce labor. But it is old-fashioned Southern comfort food that will make you fat and happy.

So, what’s your sign? Any Tofurkeys out there?

5-Ingredient Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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  1. Love me some good ole chicken pot pie! I’ve used this same recipe many times and it is deliciously heart and tummy warming at the end of a chilly and gray autumn day.
    Suzy recently posted..Sunday WorshipMy Profile

  2. YUM! Hubby absolutely loves pot pie, so maybe he was born under the same sign as you. =) I’ll have to give this a whirl for the fam. It would be perfect for a late dinner after wrestling practice.
    Jennifer recently posted..{Pumpkin Cheesecake} Cooking with Pumpkins pt. 4My Profile

  3. This looks absolutely yummy! What an easy way to look like a rock star!

    Have an awesome and blessed day!
    Thistle recently posted..Random Harvest Vegetable CandleMy Profile

  4. I was sick for 9 months with both of my kids, so I didn’t have a lot of cravings, but my sister-in-law was a mac and cheese junkie, and my niece is now a mac and cheese junkie! ha! So you might be onto to something here! LOL! The pot pie looks so very good! I’m going to have to try this one!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)
    Rhonda ~Ramblings of a Southern Girl recently posted..Cotton, Burlap, Silver, & Baby’s BreathMy Profile

  5. Hmmm. My labor with my son was 50 hours long, so I ate a lot with him! Chicken and gravy, Mac and Cheese, pancakes, oatmeal, probably creamed chopped beef… (Lots of Stouffer’s!)

    This recipe sounds really good! Maybe I’ll use it this Easter.

  6. Your pot pie looks delicious! My mom “blessed” me with chili cheese and onion burgers. I don’t eat those per se, but I can’t get enough Mexican food.

  7. well my mom says she ate gallons of potato salad. And to this day, I just don’t like it much. I prefer macaroni salad. I will eat potato, but only if there is nothing else offered.

  8. I can’t wait to try your pot pie. While it’s cooking, I’ll attempt the ornament. Thank you.

  9. I like the ease of this chicken pot pie but do not see how it thickens up. And I do not want the inside of my pie for my chicken pot pies for pie night tomorrow to be runny inside tomorrow. The last ones I made a few years ago were extremely runny inside and that is probably why I have not made any more of them for quite a lot time. I have just been buying Marie Callendars. Hers are always just right. If you know what I mean.

  10. jaci from Missouri says:

    Good morning from Missouri! We have some leftover Turkey just waiting to be enjoyed. I think I found the right recipe!! !!Happy New Year!

  11. Trying this recipe tonight! I don’t think it will taste as good without the cute little chicken in the middle! Where can I find the sweet chicken figurine and please don’t say Italy! :)

    • Atta Girl Amy

      Hi Angie — not from Italy, but I’m not sure I know where it was from. I think it was a gift from my mom, and if I had to guess, I bet she bought it at HomeGoods. Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table might have a pie bird. Hope your dinner turned out great!

  12. I just found the pot pie recipe and I have 3 kids that play football and we don’t get home until late so have to make fast dinners. This is perfect for tonight. I’m going to prep it before football practice then pop it in the oven when I get home. By the time the kids get their showers it’ll be time to eat. Thanks for sharing this quick recipe!!

    • Atta Girl Amy

      I did something similar over the wrekend. Prepped the pie in advance, then popped it in the oven for dinner. Heres a tip if you want the crust to brown more: brush it with butter or an eggwash.

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