I love the stories behind old furniture. When I bring home a piece to refurbish, I can’t help but wonder about the people who owned it before me. Sometimes, I find clues in the chips, cracks, peeling paint, missing hardware and forgotten belongings I find stuffed in drawers. As I clean and paint, my imagination […]

After a long break during the holidays, I finally picked up a paintbrush again. It felt good to be putting paint to wood again. This fall, I picked up a pair of Broyhill Queen Anne end tables at a yard sale. For the longest time, I was stumped about how I wanted to paint them. […]

I’m excited to introduce you today to Annie Omar, the founder of Maison Blanche Paint Company. Annie will be one of the presenters at the Southern Bloggers Conference (scheduled for Oct. 12-13 in Raleigh), and her company is also one of our fabulous sponsors. (That means free La Craie “The Chalk” paint for everyone who […]