Just in time for your Labor Day cookouts, here’s a easy and oh-so-tasty hot dog chili recipe that you can also freeze. I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on doing a lot of relaxing this upcoming Labor Day. If the weather cooperates, we’ll be firing up the grill and kicking back on our […]

Especially as the weather warms, you may find the neighbor ladies and I relaxing in lawn chairs in our driveways or the cul-de-sac. Or you might think we’re relaxing, when in fact, we are really discussing important CEO-level business. These flip-flops and wine sessions are our version of golf course business meetings. Discussions touch on […]

Planning a party? You’ll need to make a double (or triple) batch of this fried wonton recipe. Party guests can’t get enough of this delicious appetizer The recipe, entitled simply “Wontons,”  is handwritten and affixed to a sheet of pale pink paper. It is written in my girlish hand — fat loopy letters spread out […]

Once upon a time, there were five bloggers who put out a call to their creative cohorts around the Internet. Show us how you do it up for Christmas? What do you make? What do you bake? How do you decorate? How do you celebrate? Inspire us. Wow! You certainly did. And today, we are […]

Welcome to Atta Girl Says, the new online lifestyle magazine for women of a certain age who share my passion for living homemade. Crafty, sassy, irreverent and just a little bit frazzled, Atta Girl is the alter ego of a modern mommy living in North Carolina. Atta Girl loves modern conveniences — she’d be lost […]