How to Paint Furniture with Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a furniture makeover. The cold weather, and a lack of yard sales, has put my painting on hold. I’ve had a clients’ nightstands hanging out in my garage for way too long, so on the eve of our last snowstorm, I hauled them inside and gave them a […]

Vintage Furniture Makeover: Stenciled Demilune Tables

As somoene who has furnished nearly every home I’ve ever lived in with yard sale finds and secondhand vintage furniture, this statistic shocked me: Did you know that Americans throw away 10 million pieces of furniture every year? These are the very pieces I am excited to find at yard sales and thrift stores. The […]

Using a Paint Sprayer with Milk Paint and Chalk Paint

Don’t tell my husband, but I am in love. Paint sprayer, where have you been all my life? Where were you when I was painting this crib? Or this chair? Where were you when I was going mad painting slats and spindles. Oops, missed a spot. What was it Lady Macbeth said? “…damn spot!” I […]

How to Make Fabric Rosettes

Disclosure: No needles and thread were used in the making of this project. But I did stab myself with a staple, burn my fingers with hot glue and bang my fingernail with the hammer. All in a day’s work as a no-sew blogger and crafter. I have a confession to make. I don’t sew. In a […]

Atta Girl Says: FEATURED French Enamel End Table

Have you ever heard of the Furniture Fairy? There’s a legend that if your clothes hamper is overflowing with paint-streaked clothes and your garage is filled “before” projects and you go to bed at night with paint smudges on your elbows and ankles, she will visit and leave you something special. I always thought the […]

FEATURED Carolina on my mind rocking chair

Can’t you see the sunshine? Can’t you just feel the moonshine? Maybe just like a friend of mine, it hit me from behind. Yes I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind. Can’t you just see my former Carolina journalism professors failing me for not fact checking before I immortalized a misquoted James Taylor lyric in Miss […]

Atta Girl Says: Custom Handpainted Caribbean Blue Buffett and Clock

When I think of paradise, I think of the crystal blue water of the Caribbean Sea. That color blue is both vibrant and calming. It is the epitome of beauty. So, while custom painting jobs cause me as a lot of stress and worry, I was thrilled when a client asked me to paint her […]

FEATURED Kitchen Scale Milk Paint Buffet Styled

Say the word “sale” and I’m like a hungry zombie on the hunt for his next meal. Brains! Bargain! It can be a recipe for disaster. Many times, my judgment has been clouded by a good deal. And it’s not until I’m home that I realize that treasure was really trash. But not this time. […]

Featured Kitchen Scale over Tricycle Red Milk Paint

Don’t let the headline on this post deceive you. There will be no after photos today, despite the best of intentions. Just a whole lot of in progress shots since I didn’t quite finish the vintage buffet makeover that has been occupying a lot of my time these past two weekends. I picked up the […]

Maison Blanche Creme de Menthe dresser

I love the stories behind old furniture. When I bring home a piece to refurbish, I can’t help but wonder about the people who owned it before me. Sometimes, I find clues in the chips, cracks, peeling paint, missing hardware and forgotten belongings I find stuffed in drawers. As I clean and paint, my imagination […]