Disclosure: No needles and thread were used in the making of this project. But I did stab myself with a staple, burn my fingers with hot glue and bang my fingernail with the hammer. All in a day’s work as a no-sew blogger and crafter.

I have a confession to make.

Inspired by Fashion Reupholstered Chair with Fabric & Jute Rosettes

I don’t sew.

In a pinch, I can sew on a button, and use a machine to stitch a straight line. That is, if I owned a sewing machine. Or ever replaced our missing buttons.

Atta Girl Says: No-Sew Decorating Showcase
That’s probably why Barb from The Everyday Home invited me to be part of the No-Sew Decorating Showcase.

I was a perfect candidate, except the other ladies participating all have mad sewing skills.

Ann from On Sutton Place has an etsy shop where she sells her hand-sewn creations. Suzy from Worthing Court used to have her own drapery workroom. Barb used to teach decor classes for a major fabric retailer. And have you seen the creations Deb from Confessions of a Plate Addict and Yvonne from Stone Gable whip up with their sewing machines on a daily basis?

Atta Girl Says: No-Sew Decorating Showcase

These ladies work with fabric all the time, and I don’t. So I was quaking in my flip-flops at the thought of participating in this showcase.

But my flip-flops gave me an idea. And then I remembered a ladderback chair, desperately in need of a makeover, that I’d picked up at a yard sale. And I’d just gotten in the new Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colors, including that gorgeous dark navy, Artissimo. And navy reminded me of one of my favorite outfits, a navy top and coral pants. And then I started thinking of my favorite Kate Spade shoes. And a fabric sample I got from OnlineFabricStore.net at Haven…

Inspired by Fashion Ladderback Chair Makeover

And a no-sew decorating project was born.

Fashion Inspired Blue and Coral Milk Paint Chair Makeover

I painted that boring ladderback chair with two coats of Artissimo milk paint, then did a little light distressing, before sealing it with a coat of hemp oil, buffed to a shine.

How to Reupholster a Chair Seat

The chair seat wore three layers of old, ugly upholstery. I used a screw driver and some pliers to remove the 4,000 staples holding the old layers of upholstery on. Luckily, the foam was still in good shape, so I reused it.

How to Reupholster a Chair Seat

The Abigail Flamingo fabric sample I received in my Haven goodie bag was the perfect complement to the navy blue chair. I’m glad I didn’t swap my fabric after all!

No sewing required for this eupholstery project; I just used my stapler to attach the fabric.

Fashion Inspired Reupholstered Chair With Fabric Rosettes

With the new seat and paint job, the chair looked pretty snazzy — much better than in its original state. (My phone ate the before photos I know I took!)

But since this was a project inspired by fashion, namely the coral capris and navy polka-dotted blouse you see in the background of the photo below, I needed to kick things up a notch.

Fashion Inspired Reupholstered Chair With Fabric Rosettes

And what makes a good outfit great? Accessories!

Scrap Fabric and Jute Rosettes

I whipped up some rosettes using scrap fabric and jute webbing, then hot glued them to a band of jute webbing that I wrapped around the chair. (It’s hot glued, too, but completely removable.)

These rosettes are so easy to make and so versatile. You can see how to make scrap fabric flowers here in last summer’s post when I used them to decorate flip-flops.

Inspired by Fashion Ladderback Chair Makeover

Here she is again – a ladderback chair dressed to the nines in navy and coral damask and wearing a one-of-a-kind fabric and jute flower necklace.

Be sure to check out the other projects in the No-Sew Decorating Showcase.

Atta Girl Says: No-Sew Decorating Showcase

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  1. AWESOME post. And the next time I stay at your home I WILL sneak into your closet and “borrow” those Kate Spade shoes. Be still my heart! I love that fabric and how perfect and beautiful it goes with the new MMS paint. The fabric flowers are a great accompaniment. For someone who can’t sew, you sure pulled this project off like a PRO. xxoo

  2. I LOVE your chair..so cute and fashionable! Those rosettes will look great on just about anything, too! Such a fun post!…hugs…Debbie!

  3. well isn’t she just a hottie!! trend setter for sure!!

  4. Amazing idea! So creative and beautiful, thank you for the inspiration

  5. You are a no-sew savant! What a fabulous make-over! It’s wonderful to see what you did with the fabric from Haven!!!! And I need to ask… where did you get those fabulous shoes! I just love them.
    I’ll have to remember to make a little chair topper for my next chair project. I think it is like a piece of jewelry!!!!
    LOVE this project, Amy!

  6. You’re just a genius, my friend. I absolutely adore it! I don’t sew, but I do actually mend buttons and hems. No sewing machine but I’m looking for one that works if you ever see one! Hope you get tons of traffic and I’m pinning for you!

  7. Oh Amy – the chair turned out great! I never knew how much I love navy and coral mixed together. I still haven’t tried my hand at making fabric rosettes yet. Maybe you can show me how one day. Now we need to think of some place special to go where you can wear your blingy shoes and cute outfit!

  8. Oh my gosh I really did laugh out loud when I read your disclosure about the staple, glue gun and hammer! I love my glue gun soooooo much, but I swear I am starting to lose feeling in my fingertips because of all of the burns!

    The chair is adorable! Love the idea of the band with the flowers. Wish I had thought of that. I am in need of a chair for my vanity, so I may use your chair as my inspiration. Love, Love, Love.

    Oh, and Barb is going to have to wrestle me for the shoes!



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