Imagine my husband’s reaction when I told him, “Honey, I want to make a home video. Tonight. In the bathtub.”

Then came the kicker. “I’m trying to win a decorating makeover contest!”

Decorating. Makeover. Words every husband hates to hear. Total mood killer.

But if I win the Epic Room Makeover from Mandi at Vintage Revivals, he’ll be Mister Happy Pants because he won’t have to pay to make over our master bathroom. And it needs it.

Take it from me:

I’ll admit, my bathroom has great bones. It’s big with tall ceilings and great light. But did you see that mural?

I’m looking for something a little more glam than gladiator. More serene, less Spartacus.

I’m sure someone paid dearly for this paint job. But it needs to go. My neighbors have told me that we’re the third set of homeowners to complain about the Ben Hur bathroom. But no one has ever tackled the makeover job. I guess it’s just been too daunting. But it wouldn’t be for Mandi and her team of sponsors.

Actually, I bet the other homeowners were a lot like me. They focused first on finishing those rooms that others would see, leaving the master bathroom last. Because after all, who sees it?

And that’s why it’s never been redone. Because guests rarely venture into the master bathroom. And that’s sad. Because at the end of a long day, don’t we all deserve a little sanctuary?

As I mentioned in the video, my bathroom needs a lot more than a paint job. But it sure would look good with a fresh coat and some stenciling from Royal Design Studio. These walls are going to take a lot of prep, too. The mural is textured, so there will be lots of sanding required. Are you listening, 3M?

In addition to the bad paint job, there are several DIY jobs that could be completed in my bathroom. I showed you those massive peepholes in the potty room. Here’s a closeup:

That must have been some big towel rack!

The top of the toilet is cracked, too, and it could use a new wax seal. If only I could get an assist from Lowe’s.

And speaking of Lowe’s, I hear they have great shower surrounds — no more soap scum, please!

And the shower grout and tile floor grout could use some freshening up. I think the official color now is “dirty,” even after I’ve mopped. Lowe’s, you have that covered, too, right?

Now, I’m not asking for Mandi to completely gut my bathroom, but it could definitely use some sprucing, updating and freshening up. Just imagine what Mandi could do in this room with some accessories from HomeGoods and Krylon spray paint.

And paint, don’t forget paint!

Let me sear this image into your eyeballs one more time.

Et tu, Mandi?

I know I’m confusing the Romans and the Greeks. It’s hard to concentrate in this hot mess of a master bathroom!

I really want this makeover. Isn’t that obvious? I put a compromising video of myself on the Internet. Isn’t that worth something?


  1. You rock Ben Hur! Oh wait – I mean Spartacus! No, no, no – I mean Julie Caesar! What’s wrong with me? What I reeeally meant to say is – Cleopatra! Oops – wrong empire! lol Loved the video and hope you win the makeover. Where do I go to vote?
    Suzy recently posted..Invitation to the 2nd Semi-Annual High Point Furniture Market Sample Shopping TripMy Profile

  2. Great post and video…Good luck Amy!
    Diane recently posted..Trying Out New RecipesMy Profile

  3. Amy, you are awesome! I will totally vote for you. Anyone who films from a bubble bath, gets my vote. Mandy would make that room EPIC for sure. xo Jami
    Jami recently posted..wire and nail hanging spice holderMy Profile

  4. I am Speechless!


  5. Kaaren Armstrong says:

    Atta a girl, Amy! You go for it big time. We”ll all be pulling for you. Good Luck.-

  6. Look at you in the tub! Hysterical! Though you could fit 5 of our bathrooms in yours. Yes, they’re that small. And yes, you remember we have 5 kids. Dang. Why don’t you just do a video for me instead! Good luck1
    Marty Walden recently posted..Project Life July 2012My Profile

  7. What a great introduction to your blog (since it’s my first visit). However, I’m thinking it should be the introduction to every post you do. That was fabulous, and if you don’t win, it sure isn’t because you aren’t a genius! Good luck! laurie
    laurie recently posted..FALL HUTCHMy Profile

    • Thanks, Laurie. Nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog, too. I love bargain hunting!

      And thanks for your kind words. Genius! I think I’ll go try to get a job at the Apple Store Genuis Bar. Can I use you as a reference? :)

  8. You are a crack up Amy! I Loved it..and you my lady have serious balls to film in your tub! :) Peep holes in the potty room- totally got me laughing! I love your accent…. {sure you think you don’t have one} -Great Job girl!
    Jen Marrs recently posted..Stuck in a Blog Funk–Help!My Profile

    • Thanks, Jen. I almost didn’t do the video, but then I said, “What the heck!” And I’m glad I did. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this one.

      And I definitely know I have an accent! Even other southerners comment on my drawl! It used to make me self conscious as a kid, but I’ve come to own it and love it!

  9. You go Amy! Voted for you!

  10. Oh Amy I love it!! I’m not sure why you hate the mural though?? It’s so oh I mean it’s just beautiful!! :) You got my vote… if you don’t win i’ll help you redo it!!! But It’s Gotta Win!! :)

    • I admire the artistry of the mural, but it’s so not my style! And I am going to hold you to that promise, Lori, if I don’t win! I can paint furniture, but I’m really bad at painting walls! Thanks for your vote.

  11. AMY I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!! What an awesome entry!!!! Thank you so much and I have my fingers crossed for you!!

    Love your guts

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