So, I had some pretty handmade pinwheels laying around — yes I did — and I wanted to do something fabulous with them.

Here in the south, wreaths are an essential part of your decor. We hang them not only on our front doors, but from our kitchen cabinets, on our china cabinets and our TV armoires. And watch out at Christmas. We go wreath crazy.

I decided to whip up a pretty paper pinwheel wreath with all those pinwheels I had laying around!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the pinwheels, but you could easily make them from scratch. Create Studio has some simple instructions for making pinwheels.

I made my pinwheels from some pretty Stampin’ Up paper and button brads I had in my craft stash.

This was a Saturday mommy-found-a-few-spare-moment-project, so I didn’t take detailed tutorial photos. But you don’t need a tutorial to make one of these wreaths.

Just get yourself a styrofoam wreath form from the dollar store. Cut paper strips and wrap them around the outer edges of the wreath, gluing to secure. I also covered the front of my wreath form with scrapbook paper.

Then, start hot-gluing your pinwheels to the wreath form. I used pinwheels of varying sizes and layered them on top of one another.

 Once I secured my pinwheels, I decided the wreath needed a little filler. So, I cut narrow strips of scrapbook paper and curled them around a pencil, then glued them in any holes. I also curled the tips of my pinwheels to give the wreath more dimension.

And there you have it, an adorable pinwheel wreath to help you southern up your decor!

Speaking of wreaths, I’ve made quite a few over the past year. I have lots of doors!

Here are a few I’ve already shared on the blog:

 Spring Burlap Wreath

My friend, Amanda’s sweet gum ball wreath

Cupcake liner wreath

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  1. Hi Amy, I am so looking forward to the conference and meeting so many bloggers in person! And the conference line-up for speakers sounds wonderful, too! :) …and it’s nice to “meet” you now! Love your blog!

    The big blue house I featured, we ran into while traveling from Julian/Cobles on Alamance Church Road. I think it was outside of Allamance, and not far from I-85. This was grounds I had not traveled before! LOL! But it was an impressive and unusual sight!!! ha! It definitely needs to be featured on HGTV! If you find out more about it, let me know! I’d love to know the story behind it.

    Love your pinwheel wreath! That is the cutest thing! It would look great on my daughter’s dorm room! We may just have to make one of those! :)

    • Rhonda, I actually did find out more about the house. One of my old friends from the newspaper wrote about it. Here’s what she said: ” I interviewed the owner when I worked at N&R. He is as ecclectic as the house appears and incredibly nice. I was a little worried walking through the inside though. I’m no architect but some walls just look like they shouldn’t be knocked down.” I’m going to try to have someone at the paper dig up that story for me, and if they can find it, I’ll be sure to share.

      I look forward to meeting you for real at the conference. For now, we’ll have to be sure to visit a lot online!

  2. I adore this wreath! It’s so unique! Thanks for linking it up to our Countdown to Spring Party. I’ll be featuring it tomorrow!


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