I realize I’m desperately behind the times, but it’s been a busy week or so since I returned from the Lucketts Spring Market. My baby graduated from preschool; we changed our minds about wanting to send him to our neighborhood school, so we’ve been in a frenzy to find a different school for him next year; the inlaws visited; we threw a party for a couple dozen preschoolers and their parents; and we had a lazy Memorial Day weekend. All of which are just excuses for why it’s taken me so long to share my Lucketts loot and to share photos from this awesome fair and to show you what I bought. Because you know I had to buy something, being that I cleaned out my van.

The best thing about Lucketts was having the opportunity to meet people like Miss Mustard Seed, who earlier this week so kindly shared the manifesto that led to the founding of Atta Girl Says. I was so inspired by what I saw there and the talented women I met that I’ve reenergized and more excited than ever about this business I am starting. Fresh back from Lucketts, I have big dreams and big goals. Big, big, big ones. But all in due time. I promise to share more later once I sort through everything and work out a plan.

One of my favorite things about Lucketts was the chance to visit with some of the vendors. I actually “discovered’ quite a few North Carolina-based vendors there, so now I have a list of stores/junk shops and shows I have to visit around these parts. Things were decidedly calmer and slower on Sunday at Lucketts, and I’m so glad I went back for Day 2. Because that’s when I found some of my best finds and had some of my best conversation. Right off Sunday, I stopped by the booth of a woman named Karen and her daughter, who were returning to Lucketts for the second year. Karen gave me some really good insights into what you can expect as a vendor at Lucketts, and what she shared with me was inspiriting and motivating.

It also turns out Karen lives in Raleigh, and we exchanged tips on where to find the best deals on furniture and vintage items. We traded email addresses, and I owe Karen a reply. Looks like we may plan a shopping trip together.

And did I mention that I bought a gorgeous secretary from Karen. I’ve wanted one for quite a while, and while I do like to paint and rehab furniture, I also like purchasing other’s handiwork when I find something I love, when the price is right and when it’s something I dread tackling. (A secretary, with all its nooks and crannies is one of those items.)

Here’s a look at Karen’s secretary, in my living room:

I think it looks terrific with my vintage pink-and-green pottery.

I love all the details and secret hiding spots on this piece.

Those pedestals beside the center door are actually drawers. Karen said that’s a great place to store money; oops, now I can’t keep my stash of hundreds there since I’ve broadcast it to the Internet.. As if I had a stash of hundreds. Did you spot the “Move Mountains” tag on the door? Those were Marian’s giveaway at the Miss Mustard Seed booth, and I was honored to get one because I’m such a fan of hers and of Jami of freckled laundry, who made the tags.

One last closeup of the secretary, featuring the dragonfly stenciling on the desktop. Love it.

The secretary was my “big” purchase at Lucketts, but I made lots of great scores. Two of my favorites are these McCoy figured vases, which I bought on Saturday from the Old Lucketts Store as my friend, Wendy, and I shimmied our way through three floors of crowded rooms. Wendy and I are yard sale/junking/crafting friends from back in our Augusta Chronicle days when our paltry newspaper reporter salaries dictated that we shop secondhand. She lives in Washington, D.C., and met me at Lucketts for a long overdue reunion. I’d forgotten how much of a bargain hunter Wendy was until we hit Lucketts and she started wheeling and dealing for me. She noticed that one of these vases was chipped — something you can expect with pieces that are 40, 50 or 60 years old — and she asked at the register if they could do better on the price. So, I got these two McCoy vases for — wait for it — $35 total. Absolutely amazing, as years ago (ironically on another trip to D.C.) I’d pass one of these up for $100 and regretted it ever since.

As I mentioned, I also visited Miss Mustard Seed’s booth at Lucketts. In fact, hers was one of my first stops because I knew her items would sell quickly given her reputation, fan base and the quality of her work. I couldn’t buy any of her big pieces — no room in the van — although I did fall in love with one china cabinet she had.  But I did snatch up some pretty cool accessories from her, including this brass stencil:

One of her cool film case chalkboards (with a Mini original!):

And these gorgeous glittery magnets:

I really wanted one of her glitter crowns, but then I would have had to wear it. And I’d be picking glitter out of my hair for decades! The pink McCoy flowerpot is another Lucketts store find for $5. I also bought some of Miss Mustard Seed’s French lavender, which smelled divine as I carried it around with me on Saturday. And since it was a hot day, I’m sure the lavender helped mask the sweaty odor emanating from me!

I took a few iPhone snapshots of Marian’s booth at Lucketts, which I thought I would share. Her pieces really are amazing in person, and she has such a knack for styling. As I’d walk by her booth over the Market’s two days, I noticed she was constantly fluffing and rearranging to keep her booth looking nice even as the inventory dwindled.

Gorgeous post office sign from Miss Mustard Seed. This is painted on an old door, and the depth of color and texture was amazing.

A secretary cabinet painted and styled by Miss Mustard Seed

I love these bottles so much I plan to make some of my own.

In addition to the things pictured here, I also bought some beautiful wooden French checkers, some silver teaspoons, some silver utensils that I plan to use in an upcoming project and a great vintage mirror at Lucketts. I forgot to take photos of these, but I will once I incorporate them into my decor. I’ll be sure to share those photos on a subsequent post.

I also bought some pour spots for my paint and two of the new Annie Sloan paint brushes from Stylish Patina. Loving them.

For now, though, here are some more scenes from Lucketts.

Love the colors of these old trunks, suitcases and tins.[/caption]

Pretty upholstered table and settee

Love the dominoes and all the accents.

I’ve seen this dresser singled out on my other blogs. What a great piece for a child’s room. And so creative.

Here’s my son, who accompanied my husband and me to Lucketts on Sunday, trying to act all grumpy. Then I set him on a mission to count frogs, and he was happy. The smoked chicken breast and strawberry lemonade we shared also perked him up.

Lots of cows at Lucketts.


  1. Great pics, love seeing more of Lucketts! And I really like this blog – it’s so cool looking:)

  2. Kaaren (your desk vendor) says:

    Thank you for such a sweet write up about the desk. I hope it brings you years of happiness and give you added decorating style!

  3. We tried to make it to the Lucketts show this year but we ended up on the side of the road with a flat tire. It’s fun to see they type of good stuff that will be there next year!!!

    : )


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