A trip to Target can be dangerous. It is one of my favorite stores for retail therapy, and I usually find something there I never knew I needed.

Case in point — these beautiful Farrah Fretwork curtains in blue. I saw them in the store and had to have them, thinking they would work in our living room. I love the bold geometric pattern — a nice modern foil to our more traditional decor.

So, I bought two panels — all Target had — and took them home. Much to my disappointment, the curtains were too short for our gargantuan living room windows. I toyed with the idea of buying 95-inch panels online for the living room, but I think even those would have been too short for our tall transom-style windows. I also realized Target doesn’t sell this color online, only in stores.

But I loved those curtains, and I wanted to keep them. [Insert decorating temper tantrum here!]

Thankfully, I had a stroke of brilliant inspiration. I could use these beautiful curtains in our bedroom, which is done up in blue and gray and birds. I’d just need 6 more panels for the windows in our bedroom and sitting room.

Did I mention these curtains aren’t sold online?

But I wasn’t worried. I live in a three-Target town, and there’s another one just down next door in High Point. But when I went online trying to locate the curtains, I found that they were sold out at all three Greensboro locations. Apparently, I’m not the only person who has encountered this problem. These curtains are pretty darn hard to come by.

No problem, though, I was heading to Raleigh the next day for a family get-together. A store on our way had the curtains in stock, according to the Target’s website. The nearby High Point store also showed them as in stock, so I dispatched my friend Boni (who designed our fabulous Atta Girl logo) to look for them on her next trip to her neighborhood Target. We both came up empty-handed! The curtains were sold out at both stores.

Now, I was even more determined to have them.

[Insert even louder decor temper tantrum here.]

So, I put out a plea on Facebook because I know that many of my friends live in Target, just like I do. “Anyone — especially you out-of-towners — going to Target? If so, will you pick me up some curtains? Buy all you can find. I’m good for them.”

No luck there, either.

Luckily, my husband sometimes works out of town. And it turns out that a Target store in the city where he was going to be working showed the curtains in stock. A little sweet talking, and I convinced him to spend his lunch break chasing down my much coveted Farrah curtains. I might have flipped my hair like the iconic Farrah to convince him.

And what do you know?  He scored a jackpot. Three panels! Yippee.

Almost enough, but not quite.

So, I went back to my computer and punched in our ZIP code again. Curtains located at the Hickory, N.C., Target store.

“Honey, will you be driving through Hickory when you go to visit your parents this weekend?” I asked.

“Yes,” Bruce answered.

“Could you stop by Target…” He already knew where this conversation was going, and so he agreed.

A few days later, I sent my boys off on their road trip, and got a text midway through Saturday telling me that they’d been successful in finding one more curtain panel.

Seven stores later, and we finally had all the curtains we needed.

The very next weekend, my husband and I set aside our Saturday morning to hang the new curtains in our bedroom. He hung the rods, while I ironed.

We got the first window hung, and it was beautiful. Even more perfect than I imagined.

Then we moved onto the sitting room. One window dressed, and then another.

“Where are those other 2 curtain panels?” I asked. “Are they still in your car?”

Nope. Not there. Not in mine either. Not in the living room. Not upstairs in my office. Not in the kitchen. Not anywhere.

What happened to the other two curtain panels?

Math, that’s what.

We bought 2 + 3 + 1 = 6.

We have 4 windows.

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 4.

I thought I would “freak out,” as my son often says. I went back to the computer to Target’s website to try to locate two more curtain panels. No way was I taking down these beautiful curtains that we’d spent all morning hanging and several tanks of gas hunting down.

By this point, I would have driven to another state to get them. But, I lucked out. Two stores within a half hour’s drive of me showed the curtains in stock.

I called the first store, in Kernersville, N.C., and sent an associate searching for me. She reported they had three of the panels in stock.

“Hold them for me, please,” I begged. “I’ll be right there.”

The entire family loaded up in the car for mama’s crazy curtain escapade.

At first, we couldn’t find the Target store, but the GPS finally led us there. I raced to the customer service.

“You’re holding some curtains for me.”

And the sales clerk pulled out two solid blue curtains. Not my Farrah Fretwork curtains. Just plain Farrah curtains! Like Farrah Faucette without her signature wings. A poor substitute.

[Insert REALLY BIG decorating tantrum here!]

I kept my composure as best I could and finished up some other business at the customer service desk. But I sent my boys to the curtain section to try to find the right panels. I couldn’t do it myself because I couldn’t bear the disappointment if the store didn’t have them.

My husband walked off like a condemned man.

I waited, as nervous as someone who has just peed on a stick.

Finally, my boys came back, hands behind their backs, faces hangdog.

“Well,” my husband began, “they had them!” And he offered me the two precious curtain panels that had eluded me for so long.

8 stores. 8 panels. Mission complete. There’s a mathematical symmetry in that.

Later that day, we finally got all the curtains hung.

Of course, now my husband and son insist we also need curtains on the French door in our sitting room. But I”m not pushing my luck. I’m happy with a naked door and four dressed windows. Plus, I don’t think curtains on the door are practical since we do open it pretty regularly.

Now, I’d love to take you on a tour of our master bedroom and show you the curtains that turned me into a crazy woman!

I bet you’ll agree they were worth it.

  View of our bedroom

Doesn’t everyone always serve breakfast in bed? No? Well, we don’t either. But I thought this tray and the various accessories made for a nice photo. The tray was my grandmother’s, and I painted it with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.

View of our sitting room

Chair by the window in the sitting room.

These French striped chairs were a consignment store find. Brand new, perfectly distressed and upholstered in this great fabric.

This adorable little table was an $8 yard sale find, which I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Louis Blue. I scored the lamp at a favorite furniture consignment store, The Red Collection.

 The hobnail vases I’ve collected through the years. They’re not all perfect, but I think they’re beautiful, just the same.







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  1. what a lovely room! your bedspread is beautiful! So glad you found those curtains…it all looks so put together and inviting.

  2. Gorgeous panels, Amy. Definitely worth 8 stores! You are dedicated. I think my all time store hunt high is about a 5. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes, these curtains are PERFECT (and the post was pretty darn entertaining too)! If you still want a pair for your French doors, I’d be happy to swing by the three or four Targets in my area to see what they’ve got :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Yes, these curtains are PERFECT (and the post was pretty darn entertaining too)! If you still want a pair for your French doors, I’d be happy to swing by the three or four Targets in my area to see what they’ve got :) Thanks for linking up!

    • You are so sweet! I may take you up on that. How would you suggest I hang them on the French doors? Make a topper/valance? Cinch them in the middle? Or hang panels, as we’ve done with the curtains?

  5. So glad you found them….I am in the same boat you were. Only there aren’t any in stock within 200 miles. I very rarely find something I get my heart set on and when I found those curtains I just had to track some down. I actually ran across your blog when I googled the style of curtain. haha Do you know if they are getting any more in? I would hate to have to settle with the tan and white :(

    • Niki, I just checked online at the stores near me, but they’re reportedly sold out. I’m not sure if these will be restocked or not. It would be a shame if they aren’t. I will keep my eyes out for you, and if I see some, I will buy them. How many panels do you need?

      • Thanks for the sweet gesture! I just need 4 (the just part makes it sound so much easier that this really is lol)….I live in Joplin MO and haven’t had any luck in my area. I’ve rallied my troops in STL, told my mom I want these curtains as much as I wanted one of those cabbage patch dolls in the eighties. This just confirms we have awesome taste in decor! If you come by any let me know!! Thanks

        • I will be on the lookout. I have some travel planned, so I will be visiting Target stores outside of my area. We will find you those curtains! Have you tried putting out a call on Facebook, too?

  6. The curtains look gorgeous in your room! I actually stumbled upon the photo while trying to find these exact curtains in a mad search! The three closest stores to me are sold out, and they’re not available online. Naturally, I’m driving out of town to go get them…

    • Deborah, as you read, I had to do a mad search of my own for these curtains. Of course, now whenever I check my local Target, they’re in stock! Good luck on finding them for your room.

  7. Your room is awesome. I can’t get over how many perfect things you’ve found at consignment shops. That little lamp is adorable. You are so good at mixing fabrics. I wouldn’t have thought to put the fretwork curtains with the comforter but it is absolutely wonderful.

  8. Melissa says:

    I am wanting to do these same colors in my kitchen! With white cabinets and dark hardwood floors (with these exact curtans – which my Target carries all the time if you ever want more panels!!). I was wondering what the wall color is in your bedroom. Is it a light yellow? Do you know the name/brand? I am in love with it!!!

  9. I LOVE these curtains. And I do the same thing with Target. I’ll find something I have to have and go to 10 different Targets to find it if I have too. Makes me crazy sometimes. :) I actually just found the Target shower curtain in this print today at my Goodwill. It had a small red stain {like cherry slushy} and I’m desperately trying to remove it. I can’t wait to see it hanging in my guest bathroom. It’s just beautiful!

  10. PLEASE,please, please tell me where I can get a duvet cover like yours! It’s PERFECT for the vision I have tour our Master bedroom makeover! Your room is breathtaking!


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